About Us

Our Rossi Arms company was launched in 2006 in the design and production of firearms. We continue to develop and grow our Rossi Arms company with our superior technology and innovative direction. The Rossi Arms brand represents a tradition of firearm aesthetics and excellence.
Over the years, firearms bearing the Rossi Arms name have led the way in design and engineering while remaining an affordable product without sacrificing quality.
The production of our Rossi Arms company is in Turkey, and our sales are exported not only to Turkey, but also to Asia and Arab countries, especially Europe.
Rossi Arms hunting rifles are offered to your service with their aesthetic appearance, high performance, light body, superior shooting quality, rapid-automatic shooting capability and personalized coatings.
Today's Rossi Arms continues its production with tomorrow's technology and wide product range. He puts the same dedication and innovation into every firearm.
Rossi Arms is more than just making shotguns...
Our difference is our art.


To purchase a rifle, you can contact us, visit our rifle aisles and contact us.

  • Bullpup
  • Semi Automatic
  • Magazine Fed С  
  • Pump Action С

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